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What We Do

What is a Doula?

The word Doula-- pronounced 'doo-la' --is a Greek word meaning 'woman servant or caregiver'.

The modern term refers to someone who offers physical and emotional support to a pregnant woman and her partner/family before, during and after childbirth.  Also referred to as a 'Birth Attendant' or "Maternal Support Practitioner', a Doula believes in mothering the mother. 

She helps a woman and her partner/family have as satisfying and positive a birth experience as possible, from pregnancy to motherhood.

Prenatal Appointments

As a Doula, I offer support to moms and families before labour and birth happen.  I offer information on nutrition, prenatal care options, birth plan writing, pain relief techniques, and more.

Labour, Birth and Postpartum Support

A Doula's main focus is to be there for the labouring woman and her partner from start to finish and then some.  I offer different packages that can be customized to meet the needs of your family for as little or as much care and support as you want.

Our Team

About Me

I'm Amie, a 38 year old mom of 3 and surrogate mom of 4.  

I'm an artist and lover of all things pregnancy and birth.  

I have experience with fertility, prenatal, birth, and postpartum.  My goal is to empower and educate so that women understand just how strong they are.  Birth is a scary but beautiful time when women need to feel supported, that is the role of a Doula.

Pregnancy and childbirth have been at the forefront in my life since I was a teenager and now I am doing what I love, supporting women!

My ultimate goal is to attend university to become a Midwife and until then I will surround myself with 

incredibly powerful, pregnant and birthing women!